Commissions are CURRENTLY CLOSED.  If you have a commercial inquiry, please use the contact for provided! Thank you!

Please keep in mind that all quotes provided on this page are a baseline approximate quote. Projects that require more care, details, time,  special format or size considerations and/or any other considerations may incur additional costs that will be addressed  and quoted when you contact me about your request. Pricing on this page is subject to change. Personalized quotes are valid for 7 days.

Payment through Paypal only at this time. Full payment is required upon my acceptance of your order (a Paypal invoice will be sent at that time). I will not begin work until payment is received. 

Private commissions are for personal use only and cannot be sold or exchanged for money or goods (physical or digital) or used in any manner where it is commercially utilized (advertising, marketing, branding, game assets, logos, et al) . The artist retains all rights to the created image which may include reprinting/commercial use at their disgression. The commissioner retains the rights of their intellectual property.

All Private Commissions are priced for digital transfer only. For physical prints or traditional media to be created and mailed, please contact me.

For Commercial Use Artwork, please contact me.

Proceed below to the email form and send me an inquiry. Please include what type of commission you're interested in, references and/or a description, and any other relevant information or questions you might have. I'll do my best to contact you ASAP with a price quote for the information you've given. If I must design anything, that will be an additional charge.

Once a commission is placed, it may take a week to several months to complete the request based on the project size and other scheduled work and obligations. There may be other commissions in the pipeline at the time of your order or your order may have details that require time and attention. You're always welcome to inquire weekly on the status of your commission.

Rush Orders are jumped to the front of the queue and hold top priority. If you need your request for a specific date or event, I will do everything to provide it for that time but some deadlines are harder to meet and will require the rush fee. I do require at least 3 days lead time before the due date but you will have your request ASAP (depending on complexity and scale of the request).

Once a commission is placed, only partial refunds are issued.

If work has not begun on your request,  and you'd like to cancel, you are entitled to 90% refund.  I cannot refund 100% due to Paypal and other fees that have already been taken. 

If I largely fail to meet the descriptions and details we have mutually agreed upon and you have fully provided, then you are entitled to a percentage of your cost back or the correct changes performed to make your commission complete.

I calculate refunds on how much time spent, materials used, the level of completion, and other investment has been spent on the request.

During the creation of the project, the client has the right to request alterations to ensure they get a piece they enjoy but there are certain limitations.

At the sketch stage, the client may request once a different pose or minor shifts/alterations of the given elements of the piece.

At the final stage, the client may request once any minor color changes and effects. Poses and major elements, approved at sketch stage, can not be altered at this final stage without incurring a fee as it means redoing the majority of the work. 

The client can not request additions, alterations, or other elements that scale up the required time and effort beyond what was initially quoted and paid for. Additional requests, additions, and alterations beyond the ones quoted for will be billed at $30/hour. 

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Full Color with Simple Background

$60.00 USD

Full Color with Simple Background

$60.00 USD

PARTIAL FIGURE (knee or thigh up)
Full Color with Simple Background

$130.00 USD

Full Color with Simple Background

$150 USD

Each additional character is +60% of the base cost.

Fully Rendered and Detailed Background incur a separate cost that will be quoted upon description from client.
Rush Order-- 25% of cost